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Forge Lumber Mill ServicesIn order to continuously provide materials and products to our customers, Forge Lumber provides full mill services seamlessly on site. From manufacturing and assembling custom stairs to pre-cutting, planing, and sanding all the lumber and plywood you need, Forge can get your job done.

Mill services:

  • High speed, large volume door assembly
  • Custom stairs manufactured and assembled
  • PVC/plastic wood fabrication
  • Drop ladders and gable extensions constructed
  • Lumber and plywood cut to size
  • Planing, sanding, routing services, and more

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We are a leading supplier of building materials and subcontractor for construction to general contractors, as well as residential builders. Our core focuses are commercial and single family residential. We emphasize quality and competitiveness through scale and efficiency. We are a highly technical and professional consultative resource, unique in the industry.

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